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Adoro Silent-Sticks E-Drum Set

Play e-drums, with style, minus noise. Set with Beater!

Want to reduce the volume of your e-drums and pads? Yes, we do have a specialized e-drum stick for you!
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Play e-drums, with style, minus noise.

Want to reduce the volume of your e-drums and pads? Yes, we do have a specialized e-drum stick for you! With 14.5mm shaft the stick has the same thickness at the handle as a regular 5A stick. This is our sickest – err, thickest stick ever! Coming in a flashing blue, with a softer tip that is specially adjusted to the bouncy mesh heads and pads, the Silent-E-Stick

With Silent Sticks you keep the feel – especially with the new larger-diameter shaft with anti-slip X-Grips – and the tone but cut the volume by +/- 50%. Our exclusive Dual-Twist Reflex Tip® is the magic. To cut your bass drum volume, add a Silent Beater.

This version has a bigger and a bit heavier shaft than the regular version.

  • Material: PC (Plastics)
  • No-slip rubber X-Grips for great feel
  • very light
  • length: 420 mm (16")
  • ø: 14.5mm

With the silent beater, you can play low volume without effort and dive into volume regions that never seemed possible.

Please note, this is the version of beater especially for edrums with rubber pads, as well as cajons and other percussion instruments. It eleminates not only unwanted noise but also duble triggering, and is gentle to hand instruments. For regular drums, please use our silent beater with fiber shaft.


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